EntityView Icons in Sitecore Commerce Business Tools

Reading Time: < 1 minute

There are 1311 icons available in the custom font used by the Business Tools.

Rather than listing out all of the icons here, I have created a simple plugin that creates a new dashboard item per item for reference purposes only.

When you are creating your entity view, you can simply assign the Icon property to any of the icons provided. For example:-

var myEntityView = new EntityView()
    Name = "MyEntityView",
    ItemId = "MyEntityView",
    Icon = "antenna",
    DisplayRank = 6

Source Code: The Business Tools plugin project repository

Valid Certificate Thumbprint not Matching in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The certificate thumbprint is configured in the website’s configuration file, located at <Website Root>/App_Config/Y.Commerce.Engine/Sitecore.Commerce.Engine.Connect.config (or in a custom patch file created for your solution) and in the Commerce Engine environments under <Commerce Engine Root>/wwwroot/config.json.

If you have configured a valid thumbprint that contains lowercase letters, for example 2700da6ab17c56a01f6d0762b76b3ca77933a68a, this will trigger the following errors in the Commerce Engine logs.

[20:13:57 ERR] ClientCertificateValidationMiddleware: Certificate with thumbprint 2700DA6AB17C56A01F6D0762B76B3CA77933A68A does not have a matching Thumbprint.
[20:13:57 INF] ClientCertificateValidationMiddleware: Certificate with thumbprint 2700DA6AB17C56A01F6D0762B76B3CA77933A68A is not valid.

This is caused by the logic used to compare the thumbprint values. The thumbprint in the Sitecore configuration file is transformed to uppercase while the thumbprint from the Commerce Engine configuration is not, so when the case-sensitive comparison is performed the result is a mismatch.

As the thumbprint is not case-sensitive, you can safely update the thumbprint values to be uppercase to resolve these errors.