Sitecore Experience Commerce: Reordering Images on Sellable Items

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In this article, we introduce a small custom plugin for Sitecore Commerce Business Tools that enables the reordering of images for sellable items and variants.

In its current release (XC 9.0.3), the only way to reorder images is to remove existing images and re-adding them in the desired order. It’s not the best user experience and can take a considerable length of time to relocate the original images.

The custom catalog plugin adds 2 new actions to the Images actions – Move Image Up and Move Image Down.

The functionality is still a little clunky. The confirmation dialog shows each time an image is moved, the selected image will always reset to the first image after each action, and while the move buttons are not disabled for its outer limits, the code logic prevents out of boundary exceptions from being thrown. Overall, it is definitely an upgraded approach to reordering images.

Publishing the sellable item through workflow is still required in order to have the changes show in the storefront.

Source Code: Extended Sitecore Commerce Catalog project repository

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